Our Mission, Vision, & Philosophy

Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital is a leading provider of comprehensive behavioral health treatment. Located in Chicago, Illinois, and serving the entire Chicagoland area, we strive to make a lasting positive difference in the lives of those in our care. 

Our Mission

At Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital, our mission is to create a welcoming and safe therapeutic environment where our patients feel encouraged and supported as they receive treatment for behavioral health concerns. We support each person with empathy and compassion throughout their treatment journey. We empower our patients to play an active role in their treatment process and to engage in clinical decisions that lead to positive transformations so that they can thrive once their time in treatment comes to an end. 

Our Vision

Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital is committed to providing superior behavioral healthcare for those who come to us for treatment. We strive to be a trusted community partner that helps every individual we serve heal, recover, and successfully transition back to their everyday life. 

Our Philosophy

Montrose Behavioral Health Hospital strives to be a trusted community partner that delivers the utmost in clinically excellent treatment. Everyone in our care is treated with respect and the highest level of dignity. We believe that for our patients to heal, they must be cared for in a way that meets their unique needs. For that reason, our services are patient-centered, and our multidisciplinary treatment teams utilize evidence-based treatment approaches that are personalized for each individual. All treatment is provided in a compassionate and supportive environment in which patients, their family members, and their friends all have an opportunity to play an active role in the healing and recovery process.